Lake Access - Stairs Project

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Oct 02, 2013


Sept 30, 2013




Sept 29, 2013



Drainage & Ditches Upgrade Project

Sept 24, 2013




Sept 20, 2013





Sept 19, 2013




Sept 17, 2013



Sept 12, 2013




Newsletters of Interest to
LSH Association Members

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LSH Newsletter August/2017

LSH Newsletter July/2017

LSH Newsletter June/2017

LSH Newsletter May/2017

Trans. Can. Trail - Aerial View (Beaconia to Grand Marais)


LakeShore Heights Night at the Manitoba Moose

LSH Newsletter August/2016

LSH Newsletter July/2016

LSH Newsletter June/2016

LSH Newsletter May/2016

MPI Off Road Vehicle Brochure

Off Road Vehicle Act & MPI Age Requirement Regulation

Zebra Mussels Fact Sheet (Gov. of MB)

Be Bear Smart (2016)

Thunderstorms, Lightening, Hail

3 Steps to Emergency Preparedness


LHA Newsletter Sept/2015

LHA Newsletter July/2015

LHA Newsletter May/2015

Wild Life - Be Aware

RM & Council Contact Info 2015


LHA Newsletter September/2014

LHA Newsletter August/2014

LHA Newsletter July/2014

LHA Newsletter June/2014

LHA Newsletter May/2014

5 Healing Essential Oils

Lake Friendly At The Cottage (a large download)



LHA Newsletter September 20, 2013

LHA Newsletter August 27, 2013

Beach Access Project Meeting Notice & Information August 11/ 2013

LHA Newsletter July 29/ 2013

LHA Newsletter June/ 2013

LHA Newsletter May/ 2013

Notice to Dog Owners June/ 2013



Beach Access Project Update #4 September 19/12

Beach Access Project Update #3 August 30/12

Beach Access Project Update #2 July 26/12

Beach Access Project


LHA Newsletter Update #4 - Final August 30/12

LHA Newsletter Update #3 July 26/12

LHA Newsletter Update #2 June 28/12

LHA Newsletter Update #1 June 7/12

LHA Newsletter Spring 2012


Emails Sent and Received by Executive, 2012

How do I know if my well water is
safe from bacterial contamination?

How Do I Disinfect My Well?

Off Road Vehicles Information

RM Notice of Burning Ban - when in effect



Homeowner’s GUIDE for Onsite
Wastewater Management Systems (2011)

Homeowner’s MANUAL for Onsite
Wastewater Management Systems (2011)

LHA Newsletter Spring 2011