lakeshore Heights Covered Community Structure

President's Message
Spring 2023


It is spring once again and hopefully the weather decides to catch up with the calendar and moves into spring and summer weather soon.  A milder winter this past season and now we are all ready for spring and let’s hope for a long hot, dry and mosquito free summer and fall.  

After 2 years of not having any events, we came back in full force last season with the favorite events of years past and many new ones, a great big Thank You to Heather for organizing many of the new events that went over extremely well.  Please attend the Spring AGM to hear about all the events that are planned for this season.  Each of these events is volunteer driven and we will be calling on volunteers to help organize, run and work the events.  Please sign up for an event that interests you.  It is a great way to get involved in the community and meet new friends.

We received a $20,000 grant from the municipality last fall and as a community it was decided that the play ground by the shelter was at end of life and needed replacing.  We pulled together a team to research and compare products and a presentation was done at the fall AGM. Donations were collected to cover a shortfall and Glenn worked with the municipality to get us some tax savings.  Ken and a team of volunteers has been busy ensuring that all our assets and grounds have been kept in prime condition, Ken was also instrumental in getting the play structure picked up and stored for the winter. Update on plans for 2023 will be provided at the spring meeting.

On behalf of the Executive Team, we want to extend a huge Thank You to the volunteers that contribute their time to ensure the upkeep of our community, also many thanks to the team of street representatives that will be going door to door once again this year collecting memberships and updating contact information.

I am very proud to be part of LSH. We have a fantastic community and it is very evident very time we require volunteers, we have many hands to make the work load light, when we are fundraising for any projects, the donations always pour in.  The sense of community and involvement by our residents in LSH is something that many other lake communities within the province don’t experience and are envious of our community.

We invite you to attend the 2023 Spring AGM on Sunday May 21, 2023 at 11 am at the Community Covered Structure on West and Lakeview Road.  See you there!

Stefano Bevilacqua
President Lakeshore Heights Association

We are an incorporated, non-profit association and run by volunteers