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Resident's Information - Introduction

Welcome to the Resident's Information Section of our website. In this section you will find items of interest to residents of Lakeshore Heights.

Just click on the submenu above - under "RESIDENT'S INFORMATION", to see EVENTS, NEED A WORKER, IMPORTANT LINKS and more.

How To Build a Community

Turn off your T.V. Leave your Cottage or Home
Open your window shades
Know your Neighbours
Look Up when you are Walking
Greet People as you sit on your stoop
Plant Flowers & Gardens Together
Use your Library
Read or Tell stories aloud
Buy from Local Merchants
Share what you have
Help a lost Dog
Play together
Take Children to the park/playground
Hire Young People for Odd Jobs
Fix it, Even if you Did Not Break It
Talk to those who provide a service
Listen to the Birds
Put up a Swing
Help carry something heavy
Start a Tradition
Ask a Question
Have Pot Luck Get Together
Organize a Block Party
Bake extra and share
Ask for Help when You need it
Share your Skills
Take Back the Night
Turn up the Music
Turn down the Music
Listen Before you React to Anger
Mediate Conflict
Seek to understand
Learn from New & Uncomfortable situations
Know that No One is Silent...
Many are Not Heard...
Work to Change this...
You know you are part of something special...
when you/we get involved