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One-year Membership. Expires on June 30, following the year of issue.

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Being a member of the LakeShore Heights Association, permits you to vote on motions pertaining to the betterment of our cottage community as well as the voting rights on the election of the executive. You will receive newsletters & alerts. The annual membership is $20.00 per household. The fees are collected:

By having a strong & large number of property owners supporting the association the RM of St.Clements appreciates a collective group voice. Grant applications also take notice of a strong membership. Our membership ranges between 70% - 79% of our community of 290 properties. The record high was set in 2015 with 229 paid out of 290.

Here is how your membership dollars are used:

    • Playground equipment, Volley ball court net and sand.
    • Benches, repairing, painting, replacement of damaged equipment when minor damage is incurred.
    • Flower boxes.
    • Maintaining Bulletin boards

  2. EVENTS:
    • Promoting Community Spirit

    • Garbage dump fee for garbage after events
    • "Port-a-Potty" for events when required
    • Hydro for covered community structure
    • Office supplies, photo copies / news letters
    • Bank charges, web hosting fees

Street Representatives Role

LakeShore Heights has in place a system of Street Representatives. The objective of having a Street Representative is to create a group of our local permanent/ seasonal residents that would take on the role of representing the folks that live on their street.

We see this individual as one that would: assist in collecting association memberships, be part of the LakeShore Heights Association Team, welcome new cottage owners and ,most importantly, be the Voice for "their street".

We are a large community, making it difficult to determine what it is that is important & relevant to each street. The street representative is the “Go To” person, who functions jointly with the Executive to resolve issues at hand.

"...many hands make for light work..."

Current Street Representatives

West St. Cory, Doug, Glenn, Neil, Pam
Lakeview Rd. & Bay Real
South Ave & Bay Stefano
East St. Kris
North Dr. Donna
Bayview Dr Louise
Beach Blvd, Emerald & Evergreen Bays Lucille